How does it feel to be a problem?


 Throughout American history, there has been at least one group as a “problem” because in the past that one group has done one thing to give people the thought of “oh, all people who are ______ are bad because they did blah blah blah and such and such.” The problem continues because people can’t get over the past of what a certain ethnicity has done. I do think Bayoumi is correct in that people view Arabs and Muslims the “problem” ever since 9/11. With the bombing yesterday at the marathon in Boston, everyone blames it straight on the Muslims because of something one person did more than 10 years ago. They haven’t even caught the guy, so why do people just jump to the conclusion that it was a Muslim that did it? Because of the past. Some people can’t forget the past and whats happened previously in history. Yeah, it was a big deal, but it isn’t every single Arab or Muslim that attacked America. Everyone isn’t as bad as people see the ethnicity. I don’t think people will ever not look at Arabs and Muslims as bad people. People still discriminate against Germans because of the holocaust which was about 7 decades ago. Will people ever get over it? Maybe. Not any time soon though. So it will be a long time before people start to forget 9/11. I mean, it will never be forgotten, but people will stop blaming every single person of Arab or Muslim decent.


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Hi. I'm Sydney. I love food and I love to bake and cook. I have 2 older brothers. Teen Wolf is my favorite show, and next season there will be 24 episodes! Too bad that's next summer. :( My dog is a miniature schnauzer named Sadie and I love her with all my heart.

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