“The Gift of Fire”


 It’s funny, because I want to become a teacher when I get older, so this question might come up again in the future (I know it will for my student-teachers). I think if I had to teach children how to think, I would give them a certain thing and make them find something that goes off that that. Like a math problem. If they know how much each number is, why not give them something a level over what they’re doing? Instead of having the same number problems, like 2+2=4, over and over again, I would give them 3+1=___ to have them put the numbers together in a different way than they have already learned. And yes, eventually they will learn that 3 plus 1 gives the the same sum as 2 plus 2, but if they haven’t learned that yet then it is making them go beyond what they already know and what they think they know.


About sydneychristine

Hi. I'm Sydney. I love food and I love to bake and cook. I have 2 older brothers. Teen Wolf is my favorite show, and next season there will be 24 episodes! Too bad that's next summer. :( My dog is a miniature schnauzer named Sadie and I love her with all my heart.

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