“The Woman Who Would Save Football”


 The immediate purpose of the writer was to praise McKee’s fine works in discoveries of brain damage after death. She gets to dissect the brains of people who have played in the NFL and other sports to see how much damage the sport has done to the brain. The bigger purpose of the writing is to get the word out about how football could be a cause of death because of brain damage. She has seen brains of former football players that have “tearing of certain structures…holes where they shouldn’t be…shrinkage.” The author conveys their purpose by giving a lot of examples of the types of brains McKee has taken apart and looked at.

 To me the article was pretty much the same thing repeated multiple times. I do relate to it in a way because my great uncle played for the Houston Oilers as a quarterback and now has Alzheimer’s. The article talks about both of the subjects. Also, my grandpa has Alzheimer’s but he was in the Marines. I learned that getting hit in the head too much could cause some serious brain damage that could effect you for the rest of your life.


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