Monthly Archives: September 2012

About Me



Im Sydney Christine Bowen.

I love to cook and bake, so I love to eat!

Teen Wolf is my FAVORITE show! Next season there will be 24 episodes!

My dog is a miniature schnauzer named Sadie and I love her with all my heart!

Elvis Andrus from the Rangers is my favorite!


My top 10 favorite songs!


1: I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz

-This my favorite song because when I first heard it, I was able to relate to it a lot.

2: Drunk On You by Luke Bryan

-I like this song because its so summery! its summer in every season!

3: Banjo by Rascal Flatts

-Ahh I saw Rascal Flatts in concert and this was the first song they played and it put me in such a good mood! Its such a “get away” song and i love that.

4: Fix A Heart by Demi Lovato

-This song is so amazing. Its such a pretty song and i love the way it says everything a broken hearted girl feels.

5: Last Kiss by Taylor Swift

-Ooo. This song. I love this song because it says a lot about a lot.

6: I’m Gone by Jay Sean

-This song takes me back to 8th grade when my friend when through a big break up and she told me to listen to that song. It just brings back a lot of memories.

7: Crazier by Taylor Swift

-I love this song because its just such a happy song!

8: Give Your Heart A Break by Demi Lovato

-This song also brings back memories of the soccer tournament. That day was great.

9: Lightweight by Demi Lovato

-This song makes me so happy. Its such a happy beat and it puts me in the mood to bake and cook.

10: Come Wake Me Up by Rascal Flatts

-I love love love LOVE this song so much! Its so many memories of the summer and the lyrics really speak to me.